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Sunday, January 25, 2015


What is Nucleonica?
  • Nucleonica is an innovative professional and technical resource for knowledge creation and competence building for the worldwide nuclear science community. The portal has grown to become the leading online resource in the nuclear sciences and is particularly suitable for education and training of young scientists, engineers and technicians in the nuclear domain. Our applications enable researchers and specialists to make complex and precise calculations in state-of-the-art fashion.
  • Nucleonica is aimed at scientists, engineers and technical personnel working in the fields of nuclear power, health physics, radiation protection, nuclear and radiochemistry, decommissioning, nuclear medicine, etc. It can be used by professionals for everyday calculations, obtaining quick results and testing, validating and verifying complex computer models.
  • Nucleonica provides you with user-friendly access to the latest reference data from internationally evaluated nuclear data. A unique feature is the wide range of web-based nuclear science applications. A variety of social networking tools are provided for scientific collaboration. In addition, Nucleonica offers a range of introductory and advanced training courses in various areas of nuclear science.
Download PDF document What is Nucleonica? (two page pdf) Download PDF document Download full brochure (pdf)

Nucleonica offers the following main features:

  • Data Centre: Online interactive nuclide charts. Reference data and searchable databases for internationally evaluated nuclear data. Library creation software.
  • Application Centre: Application modules (decay, dosimetry & shielding, fission yields, range & stopping power, reactor irradiation, transport and packaging, etc.) with professional quality graphics. An advanced scripting language is available for user defined calculations and batch processing.
  • Knowledge Centre: Nuclear news aggregation services based on XML and RSS feeds using JRC web-crawler technology which scans thousands of websites on a regular basis for latest news and information. Mobile device portal for a variety of mobile devices. (Historical) Articles and web-links database. FAQs, Ask an Expert (AaE), and forum services. User preferences and alerts. Wiki-based online user manual.
  • Personalised Desktop: with detailed user rights configurable via administration menu.


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