Karlsruher Nuklidkarte, 7 Auflage

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The brochure with fold-out chart
The wallchart, 1.00m x 1.40m

7th edition (2006)

7th edition (2006) of the “Karlsruher Nuklidkarte” contains new and updated radioactive decay data on more than 600 nuclides not found in the previous (1998) edition. In total, nuclear data on 2962 experimentally observed nuclides and 692 isomers is presented. Most recent values of the atomic weights, isotopic abundances and cross sections are included together with the thermal fission yields for both 235U and 239Pu. The accompanying booklet has been considerably revised to include a history and overview of nuclear science. The multi-lingual “Explanation of the Chart of the Nuclides” has been extended from the original four languages (English, German, French, Spanish) and now includes Chinese and Russian.

For almost 50 years, the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart has provided scientists and students with structured, accurate information on the half-lives and decay modes of radionuclides, as well as the energies of emitted radiation. Beyond the more traditional physical sciences such as health physics and radiation protection, nuclear and radiochemistry, and astrophysics, the Chart is now in wide and common usage in the life and earth sciences (biology, medicine, agriculture, geology, etc.). An important characteristic of the Chart is its great didactic value for education and training in the nuclear sciences. It has been used in training programmes worldwide and is a valuable and welcome addition to many books on nuclear science including school physics textbooks. Since the previous 1998 edition of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart, many comprehensive nuclear data sources have become available in electronic form on CD-ROM and on the internet. Nevertheless, the paper-based Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart, with its fold-out and wall chart versions, remains an aesthetically appealing record of human achievement in nuclear science. It provides a unique overview of current knowledge and is for many the preferred medium for ease of use, convenience and practicality.

This 2006 edition coincides with the 50th anniversary of the “Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe” which has overseen management of the chart since its inception there in 1958. The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre will continue this tradition through support and development of the current and future editions of the chart at the Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) in Karlsruhe.

The Karlsruhe Chart of the Nuclides is available as both a 44 page brochure with 20 page fold-out nuclide chart and as a wallchart (1.00 m x 1.40 m). Further information can be found in the flyer.

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