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Personalised Nuclide Chart

Why not consider a personalised nuclide chart as an idea for a farewell gift? Nucleonica now offers a one of a kind gift that is both useful and will be cherished by someone leaving. Rather than boring presents or gift cards, a unique poster of the Karlsrtuhe Nuclide Chart (new 9th edition, 2015) with photos of your colleagues superimposed on nuclides makes the ideal gift. Just send us your photos and we'll do the rest.

Radioactivity Tiles

Other unique products are our nuclide or radioactivity tiles (see picture below). Order your favourite nuclide(s) in one of our various tile-formats available. For further information, please contact us.

Nuclide radioactivity tiles made to measure! Choose your favourite nuclide(s). Tile format above are 10 cm x 10 cm

For further information, please contact us at

Digital Prints - Aurora Series

Nucleonica Art & Science Series: High quality digital prints on glossy photo paper, limited and signed edition of 30 prints, framed or unframed.

Aurora-1 (A4). Now available Enlarge
Aurora-2 (A4). Now available Enlarge
Aurora-3 (A4) Now available. See a Enlarge
Aurora-4 (A4) Now available Enlarge


For further information on the above products contact us at

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