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e-Ship++ (electronic Shipment) is a software program for calculating radiological characteristics of packages for the shipment of radioactive material in accordance with ADR/IATA/IAEA transport regulations.

For package classification purposes and calculating the radiological characteristics for the shipment of radioactive material in accordance with ADR/IATA/IAEA transport regulations, the IAEA Transport Code is not very easy to understand. To address this problem a software tool called e-Ship (electronic shipment) was developed at CERN to assist in the classification of packages for the large number of radioactive sources annually transported by CERN. To make this software tool even more user-friendly, versatile, resilient and widely available, in 2012 CERN granted Nucleonica GmbH permission to transform its e-Ship software into a modern web-based application within the Nucleonica nuclear science portal (www.nucleonica.com). This new web-based application, e-Ship++, allows the user to estimate the radiological impact of the shipment in the event of the release of radioactivity into the environment. For this purpose, data such as the inhalation dose, ingestion dose, external radiation dose (e.g. ambient dose equivalent rate, etc.) are provided. The program has been extended for daily use in the field of radiation protection for estimating additional quantities such as the authorization limit, exemption limit, etc. After intensive beta testing, a stable working version became available in mid-2012. The tool has recently been extended to allow decay calculations taking daughter products into account.

see the Nucleonica wiki page on e-Ship++

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