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Important Information for all Nucleonica Users

For users who have Free accounts, access will be restricted to around 5-10 nuclides but with access to many of the applications and features. This will allow newly registered users the opportunity to get a feel for Nucleonica and to try out the various modules. For those who have been using Nucleonica for some time, we recommend an upgrade to the Premium access with full unrestricted access to over 3800 nuclides and isomers and to all applications and features.

For details on the access restrictions please see the List of Features.

More general information on the applications can be found in the Nucleonica brochure.

For details on pricing, see single and multi-user licenses.

For further information see Premium Membership.

There is also the possibility of a Trial access where organizations can obtain full access to Nucleonica for a trial period. For further details contact us at

Yours sincerely,

The Nucleonica Team


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