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Authorisation limit (LA): the values for the authorisation limits are derived from the values given for eing (Sv/Bq) since for the handling of radionuclides in the laboratory, the risk of inhalation dominates. The single inhalation of an activity LA leads to an effective subsequent dose of 5 mSv.

For noble gases, C-11, N-13, O-15, F-18 and Cl-38, the permit limit is the same the activity of a room of 1000 m3 content and a concentration CA after column 11 (see reference below).

See also Exemption limit, LL


It follows that the quantity LA is absolute activity which gives rise to a dose of 5 mSv following inhalation, i.e.

LA = 5 mSv / einh(Sv/Bq)


Radiological Protection Ordinance of 1 January 2018 (RPO) (Swiss)

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