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Examples of basic radionuclide values

The current version of the Regulations, TS-R-1 [1], imposes three limits in relation to the activity of radionuclide contents. These three limits are:

(1) A1 and A2 in TBq (paragraphs 201 and 401(a) of TS-R-1),

(2) Activity concentration for exempt material in Bq/g (paragraphs 240 and 401(b) of TSR-1), and

(3) Activity limits for exempt consignments in Bq ( paragraph 401(c) of TS-R-1).

Table I of TS-R-1 specifies these limits for commonly encountered radionuclides. The first two materials listed in that table (i.e. Actinium and Silver), and the activity limits for the seven commonly encountered radionuclides associated with those two materials, are shown in Table 6.1.


Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material 2009 Edition, Safety Requirements No. TS-R-1

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