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Thread: Databases in Gamma Library++

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    Databases in Gamma Library++

    I created some Gamma Libraries. What happens, if there is a change in nuclide specific data? Is this change automatically integrated in my library?
    And is there a possibility to get always updated, if there is a change in any nuclide specific data? Are news like this mentioned in the newsletter on the main page?

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    Individual nuclide data is never changed. The user has, however, the possibility to change the underlying database. Currently the databases in Nucleonica are..

    - JEFF-3.1 (European database from 2006)
    - ENDF/B-VII.1 (American Brookhaven database from 2012)
    - or the older 8th Table of Isotopes.

    You can select which database to use in the Gamma library++ Options. We recommend ENDF/B-VII.1 since it is the most recent. In the future we will be adding additional databases such as ENSDF.

    Regarding getting informed on updates etc.: the latest information is given in the Nucleonica Blog. We recommend users to subscribe to the blog via email (this is explained in blog page). As soon as new information is posted, the user will receive an alert by email.

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