Is there an “App” for Nucleonica?

October 5th, 2021
by Joseph Magill

(Qu.) Is it possible to have Nucleonica as an App similar to other apps on mobile devices?

(Ans.)“Real” apps run inside the mobile device. As Nucleonica is a web application that needs a web server, this is not possible.
Some “fake” mobile apps are actually only disguised web browser windows that call web applications. That means they cannot be used if the user has no Internet connection. This might be possible to achieve with Nucleonica but not all pages are optimized to be used on mobile devices yet.

And then there are responsive web apps (like KNCLight) that are a mix of these two (actually a web site running on a web server, but It is possible to install them on the device). But in order to turn Nucleonica into one of these, we would have to create new versions of all the pages first (or create a responsive web app that only contains the pages that have already been recreated). These new versions of the pages have to get all information using AJAX calls (instead of getting everything directly in the HTTP GET as it is the case now).

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