e-Ship++ now with Transport Security Thresholds

October 17th, 2019
by Joseph Magill

The e-Ship++ application has been extended to monitor the transport security threshold of high consequence dangerous goods. A warning is generated in the transport report when the threshod is exceeded.
The transport of high consequence dangerous goods needs special attention as described in the ADR section 1.10.3 (pp. 100 – 103)
High consequence dangerous goods are those which have the potential for misuse in a terrorist event and which may, as a result, produce serious consequences … particularly for goods in Class 7
For Class 7 goods, high consequence radioactive material is that with an activity equal to or greater than a transport security threshold of 3000 A2 per single package except for specific radionuclides.
TST5Example of the warning shown when a package reaches the threshold for high consequence radioactive material.

More information…
High consequence dangerous goods
– e-Ship++ wiki page on Transport Security Threshold

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