e-Ship streamlined

April 30th, 2018
by Joseph Magill

Following the CERN training course in April, the e-Ship++ transport assistant has been streamlined and made more coherent from a training perspective.
The transport characterisation based on A1 and A2 coefficients and activity limits has been more clearly separated from the source characterisation based on Swiss RPO. This allows new users to concentrate on the transport aspects of the package.
eship_Reporte-Ship++ transport report showing only the main tranport characteristics.

The source characteristics are an advanced option which allow users to estimate the radiological impact of the shipment in the event of a release of radioactivity into the environment. The source characterisation also allows to declassify materials according to clearance limits and authorisation limits, and calculate the surface and air contamination limits.

More information:
e-Ship++ wiki page

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