New e-Learning Training Centre for Nucleonica Applications

April 3rd, 2018
by Joseph Magill

A new eLearning training centre has been created to assist users to become familiar with the most important features of the Nucleonica applications. The eLearning centre can be used directly in “live” dedicated training courses for organisations or independently as “self-learning” modules in Nucleonica. The eLearning centre consists of the following online “training courses”:
– 1-day training course; – 2-day training course;
– Advanced course; – Nuclear security exercises (restricted)
In addition, presentations for individual applications are also available.
eLearn3eLearning centre in Nucleonica showing the training materials.
The training materials consist of online “slides” for each application including:
1. Title, 2. Contents, 3. Description of the main features, 4. Summary,
5. Exercises (with answers), 6. Additional files for use with the Exercises
In contrast to the wiki, which provides a full comprehensive technical documentation of each application, the eLearning centre focuses more on the main features of the application and usability, together with exercises (with answers).

More information:
eLearning training centre wiki page

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