Derived Data with new dose quantities

November 15th, 2016
by Joseph Magill

The Derived Data application in the Nucleonica Nuclide Datasheets++ has been updated to include the new dose quantities. The Derived Data now include:
* The list of derived data now includes covers a) air kerma rates Kair; b) exposure rates X; and c) ambient dose equivalent rates H*(10) for approximately 1500 gamma and x-ray emitting radionuclides (depending on the database used).
* The threshold energy used in the calculations for dose quantities can be set (in the Options) by the user to investigate the effect of low energy photons on the dose calculations.
* The results are for single nuclides only. In this application, no account is taken of short-lived daughters. To obtain the results including short-lived daughters the user should use the Photon Dose Rate Constants application.
* The underlying dataset used in the calculations can be selected from a list of international nuclear datafiles (JEFF3.1, ENDF/B-VII.1, 8th TORI)
ddDerived Data showing the new dose quantities.

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Derived Data wiki page

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