Photon Dose Rate Constants++

November 7th, 2016
by Joseph Magill

The new Photon Dose Rate Constants++ application in Nucleonica allows the user to calculate the internationally accepted Ambient Dose Equivalent Rate Constants, Air Kerma Rate Constants, and Exposure Rate Constants for approximately 1500 gamma and x-ray emitting radionuclides. These quantities are useful for estimating the dose rates from point sources where attenuation and scattering in the source and in air are negligible. From the dose rate constants, the ambient dose rates H*(10), air kerma rates Kair, and exposure rates X can then be obtained.
In contrast to previously defined dose rates, the ambient dose rate H*(10) accounts for absorption and scattering in the human body by simulating the body through a phantom (the ICRU sphere of 30 cm diameter made of tissue equivalent material).drcppNew Photon Dose Rate Constants application

For the calculation of the dose rate constants, some nuclides are considered to be in equilibrium with daughter products. This is the case when a single radioactive decay chain in which radionuclides are present in their naturally occurring proportions, and in which no daughter nuclide has a half-life either longer than 10 days or longer than that of the parent nuclide, shall be considered as a single radionuclide.
Additional features of the application are that 1. the underlying dataset used in the calculations can be selected from a list of international nuclear datafiles (JEFF3.1, ENDF/B-VII.1, etc.) and viewed in the results grid; and 2. the threshold energy used in the calculations can be set by the user to investigate the effect of this on the calculation results.

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Photon Dose Rate Constants++ wiki page

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