Nuclide Search / Radiation Search extended to ß- and ec/ß+

June 10th, 2014
by Joseph Magill

In earlier versions of the Nuclide Search / Radiation Search application in Nucleonica, the database searches were restricted to gamma and X-rays, and alpha particles. With this new release, the database searches have been extended to include ß- and ec/ß+ (endpoint energies). The energies and emission probabilites of ß- and ß+ particles arising from radioactive decays are of particular interest in fields such as nuclear medicine. In addition, the user has a choice of databases to be search: the European Datafile JEFF-3.1 or the US ENDF/B-VII.1.
In the results shown above, a list of all ß- endpoint energies and emission probabilites in the database (JEFF3.1) are listed. In total there are 8240 ß- endpoint energies from 658 nuclides listed. The search can be further refined by specifying the energies in a given range, the element and mass number, range of half-lives etc.
For ec/beta+ there are in total 7059 entries from 555 nuclides. In the database (JEFF3.1) no distinction is made between ec and beta+. For energies below 1022 kev (threshold for positron ß+ production) only electron capture is possible, and the energies and emission probabilites listed correspond to those for electron capture. For energies above 1022 keV both ec and ß+ emission are possible. The energy of the ß+ particles can be obtained by subtracting 1022 keV from the listed energies.

Nuclide Search / Radiation Search wiki page

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