ITRAC-3 Training Course proceedings now online..

May 22nd, 2011
by Joseph Magill

The proceedings of the ITRAC-3 training course on Illicit Trafficking and Radiological Consequenses are now online. This course took place on the 11-13 May in Karlsruhe. Guest speakers included Dr. Andrey Berlizov from the IAEA’s Safeguards department. ITU speakers included K. Mayer, M. Wallenius, J. Galy, J. Zsigrai, and E. Hrnecek. From the Nucleaona team speakers included J. Magill and R. Dreher.
In total, 21 participants from Switzerland, Turkey, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Romania, and Belgium took part in the course. The course organisers acknowledge the financial assistance from the JRC’s Enlargement and Integration Action (E&IA) which provided funding for participants from Candidate Countries, Potential Candidate Countries, and ENP Countries.
A highlight of the training course was a live demonstation on how to create a gamma spectrum for the emissions from the Fukushima reactor accident. In a first step, a reactor simulation was performed using webKORIGEN to determine the strongest gamma emitting nuclides. With these nuclides a nuclide mixture was then created. Thereafter, using the gamma spectrum generator, gamma spectra were produced for both NaI and HPGe detectors. Finally it was shown how these spectra could be analaysed using the Nucleonica tools Cambio and WESPA.
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