Ready for take-off: here comes the new Nucleonica

April 1st, 2011
by Joseph Magill

The following article on Nucleonica was recently posted on the JRC intranet…

“With the joint efforts of the Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Unit and the ITU, a new JRC spin-off company has come into life: the Nucleonica GmbH. The spin-off will work towards the further development of the Nucleonica platform and is expected to contribute also to the dissemination of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart in the coming months.
As part of its efforts to disseminate the results of its research to the wider public, the JRC encourages entrepreneurial initiatives of its research staff. To this end, support is provided by Unit A.02 (Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer) in the creation of so-called ‘spin-off’ companies to bring the innovation originating from inside the JRC to the marketplace. The latest outcome of these efforts has been the Nucleonica GmbH
Nucleonica is a nuclear science web portal developed at the JRC’s Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU). It provides users with access to various web-based nuclear science applications and programmes, social networking tools, basic nuclear data on more than 3600 radionuclides, and an array of databases, graphics, and other informative material. Under an agreement entered with the JRC, the spin-off company, established by a former staff member, Dr. Joseph Magill, will undertake the further development of the Nucleonica portal.
The spin-off is also expected to work towards the further development and distribution of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart (KNC) in the coming months. The KNC is an extended periodic table of elements, which displays all known isotopes of all atomic elements and their radioactive data. It provides scientists and students all over the world with structured, accurate information on the half-lives and decay modes of radionuclides, as well as the energies of emitted radiation. It has also been developed at the ITU, in partnership with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology of Germany.”

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