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Gamma Spectrum Generator – spectrum cut-off at 2500 keV?

March 31st, 2021

Qu.) JTE, BfS, Berlin
Dear Nucleonica Team,
I created a mixture of U-233 and U-232 and tried to obtain the gamma spectra using the Gamma Spectrum Generator.
I noticed that the spectrum was cut off at 2500 keV. Is this a build-in restriction? I am interested in the U-232 daughters Tl-208 which has a peak at 2600 keV.

(Ans. Nucleonica Team)
The cutoff at 2500 keV is due to the choice of the configuration. You probably have used the HPGE with rel. eff. 50% (this is the default).
To increase the range you need to go into the drop down menu for the Current configuration. Then choose Edit from the list of options. Then check the box “Show more settings”.
There you will see that the Channel to energy conversion factor is 0.3 keV per channel. You can change this to 0.35 or some other number to increase the range.
Then return the calculation and you’ll see the 2500 keV peak (see the image below).
This configuration can be saved under a new name if you intend to do more calculations.Tl208at2600keV

Hope this helps

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