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Cambio File Converter with new features

January 15th, 2020

The Cambio file converter application has been upgraded with a number of new features:
– The application has undergone a major redesign to make it more compatible with tablet and mobile devices based on the principles of Responsive Web Design.
CambioRWDfThe Cambio user inteface for mobile devices/smartphones.

– Converted spectra in .spe format can be saved directly in mySpectra, where they are then available to other applications. Alternatively, files in mySpectra can be selected and compared in the Spectrum tab.
– It is now possible to upload multiple files in a single step. Files can be selected and uploaded or alternatively a zip file can be selected and uploaded. Following conversion to the required format, the files appear in a grid where they can be downloaded individually or in a single step (in the case of a zip file). Alternatively the files can be saved in mySpectra.
– In the Spectrum tab, multiple graphs can be shown and compared. A new feature allows a spectrum to be selected and shifted vertically in the graph for better comparison with other spectra.

More Information…
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Nucleonica Newsletter 2020

January 2nd, 2020

Happy New Year!
2019 in Review
Dear Nucleonica Users,
Hopefully you had a great start into the New Year, and we wish you every success in 2020. For the Nucleonica Team, a major focus over the past year was again the development and improvement of new and existing applications. Detailed information on these activities is described in this Newsletter. Some highlights were:
– In connection with the United Nations designation of 2019 as the international year of the periodic table of the chemical elements, a new paper on the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart was published.
– A further highlight was the updating of the Nucleonica physical constants to the latest CODATA recommended values.
– The Nuclear Security Exercises developed jointly with the Federal office of Radiation Protection (BfS) have been released for all Nucleonica users.
– The transport application e-Ship++ has been updated to include Transport Security Thresholds
– A new Training application has been developed for support to the Nucleonica Training Courses.

Best wishes for 2020,
Sincerely yours,
Joseph Magill
Managing Director

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Nucleonica Newsletter 2020
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