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“Short-lived decay products included” Option in Nuclide Mixtures

November 29th, 2019

(Qu.) FB, INE KIT Karlsruhe
Dear Nucleonica Team,
We face the problem that the “Short-lived decay products included” option yields results for some nuclei twice – the ones which are already in the input (from calculation results from another program) and the ones which are calculated by the short-lived decay products option in Nucleonica.
Is there any way to avoid this?

(Ans. Nucleonica Team)
For mixtures it is sometimes a problem to known if the short-lived daughters have to be included or not. To avoid counting such nuclides twice, we will de-activate the option include short-lived daughters for mixtures in the radiological converter.
This is already the case in the Dosimetry and Shielding H*(10) application. When single nuclides are selected, the option include short-lived daughters is again set by default for single nuclides.

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