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New Short Names for Nucleonica Apps

April 30th, 2019

Nucleonica applications are represented as “tiles” in the App Portal. For every application there is a tile consisting of a header “Short Name” and a body “Full Name”. As an example, in the image below, the short name GSG refers to the application Gamma Spectrum Generator++.
To make the tile names more intuitive, new “Short Names” have been introduced for many Apps. These are shown in the image below for the filter category “last used”.
NewShortNames2As can be seen the new short names are more intuitive than the older names e.g. Datasheet (old name NuDat++), Explorer (Expl++), decay (DE++), Search (NuS/RaS). It should be noted that the Radiological Converter and Mass Activity Converter new short names are Conv. Pro and Conv. respectively. The gamma library apps have also been renamed to gLib Pro and gLib. The gamma dosimetry and shielding apps have the new short names gH*(10) and gD&S.

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App Portal wiki page

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