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WESPA++ with new features

June 21st, 2018

Nucleonica’s Web Spectrum Analyser (WESPA++) has been extended to include the following new features:
* 5 generic detectors from high to very low resolution are now available (HPGe, CdZnTe, LaBr3, NaI, CsI)
* A peak can be deleted from the list of identified peaks
* A peak can be added to the list of identified peaks
* Peak area and detection limit functions can be shown on the spectrum graph
* Half-life column is added into the candidate nuclide grid
PA-DL2The original spectrum (red) is shown with identified peaks (black triangles). The peak area (green) and the detection limit/threshold (blue) functions are shown superimposed on the original spectrum. The detection limit/threshold is proportional to the uncertainty in the peak area calculation. Only peaks with peak area function above the detection limit/threshold can be classified as real peaks.

In the figure above, the spectrum in red shows the peaks and the background. The green curve shows the area function for the (red) spectrum. Associated with this area function is the detection limit / threshold function in blue which is related to the uncertainty in the area calculations. Only when the green curve lies above the blue curves are real peaks to be seen (denoted by a black triangle). It may be necessary to zoom into the peak area to see the exact location of the green and blue functions.

More info…
Nucleonica’s Web Spectrum Analyser (WESPA++) wiki page
WESPA++: Web Spectrum Analyser for Nuclear and Radioactive Material Identification

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