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CoReT: Concept Repository Temperatures

December 18th, 2017

The disposal of high-level radioactive waste in deep geological repositories requires stable and foreseeable physical conditions over very long time scales. During this period, the chemical stability of both the natural and the engineered barriers is governed by thermally activated processes. These in turn are driven by the heat pulse generated by the nuclear decay of waste products. The technical concept to cap the temperature peak in the repository is thus an important aspect for the proof of safety of disposal facilities.
600px-CoReT0With the CoReT (Concept Repository Temperatures) application in Nucleonica, the user can specify the repository configuration (galleries and waste canisters), waste canister properties and thermal properties of surrounding environment and estimate the temperature evolution at various points in the repository as a function of time. Extensive validaiton of the new applicaiton is described in the wiki page.

More inoformation:
CoReT wiki page

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