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New App Portal

October 25th, 2017

A new web page has been specifically designed to enhance the navigation through the ever-increasing number of Nucleonica applications and tools. The web page “App Portal” is based on the principles of Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Flat Design and is optimised for easy navigation on a variety of devices and window or screen size (e.g. tablets and smartphones). The new page has the following main features:
– Through the use of filters, the user can access all Nucleonica applications and tools (show all) or a subset of these applications and tools based on the most recently used (last used), most popular (popular), type (applications, data, knowledge), etc.
AppPortal-RWD– Icons are colour coded according to the categories: nuclear science applications (blue), data visualisation (green) and knowledge tools (violet). The last used nuclides (brown) have their own catergory (last nuclides).
– Each icon has the form of a box with header (similar to nuclide boxes in a nuclide chart). In the header part, a short name for the application/tool is given (e.g. DE++). In the central part of the icon, the full name of the application/tool is given (e.g. Decay Engine++).
– There is a “Classic” icon which allows users to access the previous version of the App Portal i.e. Nucleonica Classic applications page. This will be supported for a limited period to allow users to become familiar with the new App Portal page.

More information…
App Portal wiki page

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