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Coincidence Summing Corrections++

February 24th, 2017

True Coincidence Summation occurs when two gamma-rays are emitted during the same decay event of the nucleus, so that they appear to be emitted instantaneously. This seemingly instantaneous emission of separate gamma-rays is known as coincidence. In this situation the detector will see both of the gamma-ray energies as one larger energy deposited in the detector. A tell-tale sign of coincidence is a summation peak that appears at the combined energy of the two characteristic gamma-rays of the source.
CSC_Co60CSC2The Coincidence Summing Corrections++ application offers the possibility of calculating the coincidence summing correction factors for a large number of radionuclides and for virtually any detector and sample size, density and composition. The results are given gamma-line by gamma-line, with the unaffected lines having a correction factor of 1.

Additional information
Coincidence Summing Corrections++ wiki page

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Reduced Decay Schemes

February 23rd, 2017

The Reduced Decay Schemes is a new application for displaying the reduced decay schemes of selected nuclides.
The nuclear data contained in the nuclide boxes (in the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart for example) is concise due to the very limited space available. In order to obtain maximum benefit from the nuclide chart, it is important to know how to interpret the box contents correctly. In the new application, the contents of the nuclide boxes are explained in detail by making reference to the nuclide reduced decay scheme in order to relate the box contents with information on energies of emitted particles with the energy levels in the nucleus in the decay scheme diagram. Additional data has been taken from the Nuclear Data Sheets and Nucleonica’s Datasheets.
RDS_K42 To improve understanding, some transitions not mentioned in the box are added and indicated as dotted lines. Corresponding data is also indicated in grey. Radiations with a low emission probability indicated by dots or brackets in the nuclide box are also drawn with dotted lines.
Additionally a gamma spectrum of the particular nuclide is shown (generated by Nucleonica’s Gamma Spectrum Generator application).

More Information…
Reduced Decay Schemes wiki page
Gamma Spectrum Generator

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