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Mass Activity Converter++

July 28th, 2016

Nucleonica’s Mass Activity Converter has undergone a major revision. The new Mass Activity Converter++ has the following new and improved features:
– The nuclide icon box at the top left of the page is based on a client side javascript function which creates the nuclide icon using SVG (scalable vector graphics). The information contained in the nuclide box is loaded for all nuclides together with the application. Previously the nuclide image was created on the server and sent to the client when the application was loaded or a new nuclide selected.
MACpp_Am241 – The nuclide selector box is now a single drop-down menu. On entering the first letter of the nuclide of interest a list of all nuclides with this first letter is shown. Thereafter, the desired nuclide can be selected or a second letter can be inserted to further refine the search, etc. This is a more efficient procedure for nuclide navigation. The previous approach was based on two drop-down menus – one for the element and one for the isotope.
– The nuclide mixtures are now listed in the nuclide selector drop-down menu by clicking on the “mixtures” hyperlink. Clicking again on the “nuclides” hypelink will restore the list of nuclides
– Clicking on the small icon adjacent to the nuclide box icon (top left of page) will activate a pop-up menu showing the position of the nuclide and its daughters in the nuclide chart (Nuclide Explorer++). This is of interest to see and highlight the nuclide and any daughters in the chart.
– Internally the code has been significantly streamlined and simplified. When the application is loaded all relevant nuclide data are available in the client browser. When calculationds for a different nuclide are required, no further calls to the server are required.

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