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Decay Engine for Large Nuclide Sets, DELNuS++

March 16th, 2016

Nucleonica’s Decay Engine for Large Nuclide Sets, DELNuS++, has been further updated. The application is particularly suitable for performing decay calculations with large numbers of nuclides (nuclide sets). It is also useful for investigating the radioactive decay of nuclides which undergo spontaneous fission (sf). The new application – DELNuS++ – has the following new and updated features:
– Nuclide inventories can now be created and edited directly within the application. This allows users to easily create inventories containing one or more nuclides for test purposes.
– In the inventory creation process, single nuclides as well as previously created nuclide mixtures can be added to the new inventory.
– The allowed file formats has now been considerably extended to make the upload procedure more user friendly.
DELNuS_2 – Allowed file formats: The decimal separator may be the comma or the point. If the comma is used as field separator, numerical values with a decimal comma must be quoted with double quote characters e.g. “3,14”
– the new version of DELNuS++ has been tested on Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers.

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