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Nuclide Explorer++

May 21st, 2015

After many years of successful operation, Nucleonica’s Nuclide Explorer has undergone a major revision to give even better performance. The new version, Nuclide Explorer++, has the following new and updated features:
– the number of calls to the Nucleonica webservers has been considerably reduced giving the impression of a “standalone” application.
– the main user interface has been re-designed to provide access to a greater usable area of the nuclide chart and more intuitive use.
– a new point and click feature allows zooming into to particular nuclides or regions of the nuclide chart in addition to standard zoom-in zoom-out buttons.
– the new version of the Nuclide Explorer has been tested on Firefox, Chrome and IE browsers. We strongly advise using Firefox or Chrome to view this Chart.
NEppNucleonica’s new Nuclide Explorer++…
– the application has been optimised for viewing different nuclear datafiles. Currently the JEFF3.1 and ENDF/B-VII.1 can be viewed.
– statistics on the total number of ground and metastable states and for selected operations (e.g. no. nuclides in a decay tree) are given.
– Show Decay feature allows the user to see the decay tree or highlight daughter nuclides of a selected nuclide in the chart.
– the filter decay mode panel has been improved to give information on the total number of nuclides with particular decay modes.
– a right mouse click leads to a new context sensitive menu which can be use to launch other Nucleonica applications (e.g. Decay Engine, Dosimetry & Shielding++, etc.) for the selected nuclide.

More info…
Nuclide Explorer++ wiki page

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