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February 10th, 2015

webKORIGEN is an isotope generation and depletion application in Nucleonica for simulating power reactors. Starting with a given initial reactor fuel or target nuclide(s), it calculates the time evolution of nuclide densities changing due to decays and neutron-induced reactions, and determines derived nuclear properties such as masses, activities, heat releases, radiotoxicities, emission of radiation, etc…
The webKORIGEN application has undergone a major revision. The new version of the application, webKORIGEN++ to denote the improved properties, has the following new features:
– all graphs have been upgraded. The data can be zoomed and scanned to a particular region of interest. Through the use of the cross-hair, the data for a particular curve or set of curves can be examined.
– graphs can be downloaded in a number of standard formats. In addition the graph data can be downloaded in xml and csv formats for further processing.
– the element / nuclide filter is now more intuitive to use.
– in Mode 1, Reactor irradiation, in addition to masses and moles, the output in other quantities now available (activities, decay heat, etc.)
– wiki page has been extensively revised

More information…
webKORIGEN Case Studies

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