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New Beta Dose Rate Application in Nucleonica

November 11th, 2014

We announce the release of a new beta dose rate application in Nucleonica.
Radiation dose calculations for beta particles are required in a number of fields ranging from spent nuclear fuel analyses to dose calculations in nuclear medicine. The application developed in Nucleonica is an analytic approach based on the flux of beta particles, the average energy, and the energy deposition fraction per unit mass. As shown in the graphic below, the application is easy and intuitive to use and can be applied to single nuclides or complex nuclide mixtures. A detailed description is given in our wiki documentation.
The Nucleonica results compare well with the results from Cross et al. (1982) – a standard reference work on beta dose rates. The tables of Cross et al. are, however, less easy to use and are given for approximately only 60 nuclides. The advantage of Nucleonica’s analytical method is that it is easy and fast to use and can be applied to all beta emitting nuclides and nuclide mixtures. Agreement over the entire range of energies and distances is better than a factor 2-3. The accuracies of the Nucleonica results are adequate for most radiation protection considerations.

More information…
Beta Dose Rate Application

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Nucleonica’s Nuclear News back online!

November 5th, 2014

For the past few days, users have been experiencing problems with Nucleonica’s Nuclear News service. We are happy to report that the news service is up and running again on the main webpage. Following login, these news items can also be viewed in French and German.
The Nuclear News service is based on the Europe Media Monitor (EMM). Alerts are based on a match of news item text against a predefined set of around 650 category definitions, described by 16.000 keyword patterns and combinations. The news items are gathered from around 1000 sources all over the world on a regular basis. The Alert System processes the information immediately when a new item has been found. EMM is a joint project of DG-JRC and DG-COMM.

More Information…
Europe Media Monitor

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Cambio++: spectrum conversion & analysis

November 3rd, 2014

Cambio was developed in response to a need of nuclear emergency response analysts everywhere to be able to quickly read gamma spectra data from any of a widely growing number of formats used by both commercial and government detector systems worldwide. The Cambio application in Nucleonica has undergone a major revision. The new version of the application has been renamed to Cambio++: spectrum converison and analysis to denote the new and improved features. The new features include:
– zoom feature allows the user to enlarge a selected area of the graph
– easy graph rescaling and editing based on the use of scalable vector graphics
– spectral data tab shows original file data and data grid for channel, counts, energy

More information
Cambio++: spectrum converison and analysis

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