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Nuclide Mixtures++ update

October 6th, 2014

A number of improvements have been made in the Nuclide Mixture++ application:
– Fast upload for files containing many nuclides: nuclide mixtures containing many hundreds of nuclides can now be uploaded into the Nuclide Mixture++ application. Uploading a file with, for example, 800 nuclides will take approximately 30 s (depending on the internet connection speed).
Isotopic Powers are listed separately for alpha, beta and gamma radiations: This is particularly useful for mixtures containing many nuclides e.g. spent fuel nuclide inventories. A quick inspection of the isotopic powers will indicate the main alpha emitters, beta emitters and gamma emitters in the spent fuel.
– The number of nuclides in the mixtures is shown: this gives an indication of the “size” of the nuclide mixture. Spent fuel inventories, for example, typically contain many hundreds of nuclides.
– in addition to the total activity, the alpha and beta activities are now given.
– neutron emission rates now given for spontaneous fission, direct neutron emission (neutron decay), and beta delayed neutron emission.
– mass/weight percent (wt %) and atom percent (at %) can be selected in the Options. Activity ratio, mass ratio, mole ratio have been renamed to activity fraction, mass fraction, and mole fraction respectively

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