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New release of the Dosimetry and Shielding Application

June 20th, 2012

A new version of the Dosimetry and Shield application – a very popular tool in Nucleonica – has been released. In this new version, the daughter products can be accounted for simply through the use of a check box (highlighted in red in the figure). The user is then prompted to enter a decay time at which the daughter activities should be evaluated. Previously the user had to create a nuclide mixture containing the daughters before this could be used in the D&S application.

D&Swith Daughters

More information

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CERN / Nucleonica license agreement for e-SHIP software

June 18th, 2012

CERN has granted Nucleonica permission to transform its e-SHIP software into a web-based application. e-SHIP (electronic Shipment) is a software program for calculating radiological characteristics of packages for the shipment of radioactive material in accordance with ADR/IATA/IAEA transport regulations.
The program also allows the user to estimate the radiological impact of the shipment in the event of a release of the radioactivity into the environment. For this purpose data such as the inhalation dose, ingestion dose, external radiation dose (ambient dose equivalent rate, directional dose equivalent rate, etc.) are given.
The program has been extended to be used by radioprotection people for daily work, for estimating additional quantities such as the (authorization limit, exemption limit, etc…)

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