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Gamma Spectrum Generator Pro released

February 22nd, 2011

The Gamma Spectrum Generator (GSG) is an interactive web-accessible application which can be used to simulate the gamma spectrum of radioactive substances. The simulator presents an efficient visual teaching aid that is especially useful in training facilities which have restrictions on the use of radioactive substances, or when sources of special interest (e.g. spent fuel, enriched U, weapon grade Pu or other highly radiotoxic materials) are not readily available.
In this new GSG Pro module, it is now possible to simulate the natural background radiation and to account for bremsstrahlung for example from beta emitters.

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New Gamma Library module released in Nucleonica

February 22nd, 2011

The new Nucleonica Gamma Library module has been released for general use. The library creation module can be used to create nuclide libraries using the latest internationally evaluated nuclear data. In addition to text formats, some proprietary formats (e.g. GammaVision) are also supported. Such libraries are required for example for radionuclide identification programs such as the WESPA (web spectrum analyser) module in Nucleonica. Libraries can be created using a range of commercial software, but usually the data (which includes nuclide, energies, emission probabilities, T1/2, etc.) has to be entered by hand. Also the underlying databases may not be up to date with the most recent nuclear data. Using the Gamma Library creation module in Nucleonica for this purpose makes life easier.

For more information see the brochure and the wiki page.

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New half-lives for 38 neutron rich isotopes

February 8th, 2011

New measurements of the half-lives of 38 neutron rich nuclides from Kr-36 to Tc-43 have been made at the RIBF at RIKEN and the University of Tokio. In some cases substantial differences to the currently used half-lives of these nuclides have been reported. For further information see the article.

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New Features in Nucleonica’s webGraph Module

February 6th, 2011

Nucleonica’s webGraph is an easy to use web-based graphics module which allows users to plot data and create publication quality scientific graphs.
In this latest release, a number of new features have been introduced. In the graph settings, it is now possible to specify curve styles for each curve independently. There are 17 different types of symbols (circle square, diamond, etc.) and the width of each symbol can be exactly specified. There are also six different line styles (solid, dash, dot, etc.) the width of which can also be specified. In addition, the colour and opacity of each curve can be uniquely set.
For more details see the Nucleonica wiki section on webGraph.

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