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Introduction to Nucleonica – a 1-day training course at ITU

January 17th, 2011

Introduction to Nucleonica – a 1-day training course
25th Jan. 2011, ITU Karlsruhe,

The course is aimed at persons who are active in the field of nuclear science. Completion of this course will give the users familiarity with Nucleonica’s web based applications. This will further provide the user with a set of tools which can be used in research, measurements, interpreting results, drawing conclusions and making recommendations. With examples and exercises, a variety of core and topical issues in nuclear science and technology will be presented by experts in their respective fields.

Target group
The course is suitable, for example, for physicists, radio-chemists, health physicists, technical experts.

For further information contact

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Nuclear Energy for New Europe (NENE 2011)

January 17th, 2011

The 20th International Conference on Nuclear Energy for New Europe 2011 will take place from 15-19 September in Bovec Slovenia. This conference is a traditional annual meeting of professionals from nuclear research and educational institutions, nuclear utilities and regulatory bodies from Europe and abroad. The 20th conference in series is paying tribute to its roots: Bovec was the venue also of the first conference in June 1992.

Further information can be found on the website.

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Important changes to standard atomic weights

January 4th, 2011

In the biennial review of atomic weights, M. E. Wieser and T. B Coplen have presented a new analysis which results in changes for the standard atomic weights of 11 elements. It has beenn shown that the many atomic weights are not constants of nature but depend on the physical, chemical and nuclear history of the material. The new atomc weights have been changed to reflect this phenomena.

M. E. Weiser and T. B. Coplen, Atomic weights of the elements 2009 (IUPAC Technical Report), Pure Appl. Chem. ASAP Article, 2010 IUPAC

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