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FICHTNER Group collaborates with Nucleonica Team

January 19th, 2010

Representatives from the FICHTNER Group approached the Nucleonica Team for discussions on an evaluation of the radiotoxicity of nuclear waste arising from fission and fusion power plants. FICHTNER is Germany’s largest engineering and consulting group based in Stuttgart but operating world-wide. They have over 1600 employess worldwide and a turnover of 179 milliom euros in 2008. The Nucleonica team are currently extending Nucleonica’s Decay Engine and webKORIGEN modules to perform decay calculations using external data files (generated for example by FISPACT) which can contain data on more than 1000 nuclides. Nucleonica’s Decay Engine was used previously (see reference below) in a European benchmarking study on the radiotoxicity of nuclear waste from fission reactors.

J. Magill et al., Impact limits of partitioning and transmutation scenarios on the radiotoxicity of actinides in radioactive waste, Nuclear energy, 2003, 42, No. 5, Oct., 263-277. Full paper

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UN nuclear watchdog and European Union reach accord on safeguards

January 9th, 2010

The United Nations nuclear watchdog and the European Commission have reached agreement on arrangements to apply ‘integrated safeguards’ in all non-nuclear-weapon States of the European Union that have significant nuclear activities. More…

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New Nucleonica page in Wikipedia

January 4th, 2010

Nucleonica_bannerA new Nucleonica page has been created in wikipedia. For more information see Nucleonica page in Wikipedia. Although there are many references to Nucleonica and its modules in Wikipedia, to date there has been no dedicated page describing this site and its aims. With this new wikipedia page, we hope to make Nucleonica known to a wider community of users.

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