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“Identify” nuclide identification module for Nucleonica

December 15th, 2009

Contact has been established with Dr. Jörg Brutscher to initiate the portation and integration of the powerful nuclide identification software package “Identify” into Nucleonica. ‘Identify’ is a highly accurate nuclide identification software, developed by J. Brutscher at gbs-elektronik near Dresden in cooperation with R. Arlt from the IAEA. It has been evaluated and compared to other options by IAEA experts originally for safeguard applications. From the year 2000 it has also been used for isotope ID in conjunction with combating illicit trafficking. A new Nucleonica Group has been created to assist in the development of this module.

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New File Upload Area in Nucleonica Groups

December 4th, 2009

The Nucleonica Team has great pleasure in announcing a new File Upload feature in the Nucleonica Groups. This allows group members to rapidly share files in an easily accessible, virtual work environment.
With this feature, users can create their own “work” areas on the web within Nucleonica, and track the progress of their projects.
As soon as a user joins a particular group, the file upload button becomes visible. Thereafter the user can upload files for all group members to see. There is also a group email feature which allows any member to send an email to the other group members. These “group” emails are also stored automatically in the upload area under “messages”.

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CANDU Libraries for Nucleonica

December 2nd, 2009

Following preliminary discussions in Jordan at the ISNE09 conference with Dr. Albert Lee (Director Nuclear Studies and Analysis, AECL) and Dr. G. Edwards (AECL), a collaboration has been initiated in which AECL will provide ITU with CANDU libraries for use in the webKORIGEN fuel cycle analysis code in Nucleonica. This will allow an extension of fuel cycle analyses from currently PWR, BWR and fast reactors to CANDU reactors. The Nucleonica team has now received these libraries and is currently investigating their use in webKORIGEN. We will keep you posted on developments.

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