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Nucleonica presentation at ISNE-09 in Jordan

November 18th, 2009

The 2nd International Symposium on Nuclear Energy (ISNE-09) , October 26-28, 2009 • Amman, Jordan

The Second International Symposium on Nuclear Energy ISNE-09 was organized by Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU) in cooperation with the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) and Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC). The presentations are available online. The event was held during the period October 26 -28, 2009 in Amman, Jordan. This symposium aims at bringing together scientists and researchers from different parts of the world to discuss and exchange expertise and vision in the field of Nuclear Energy and the related issues.
Jordan has no oil, imports more than 95% of its energy, and has a drinking water problem. These are some of the reasons why Jordan is considering the use of nuclear power. The 2nd ISNE-09 is Amman was aimed at specifically addressing the introduction of nuclear power into the country.
J. Magill gave a presentation on ” The Nucleonica Nuclear Science Portal for Knowledge Management, Education and Training”. Link.
Almost all Middle East and North Africa countries (the so-called MENA states) are actively considering the development of nuclear power programmes. For some states such as Turkey, Jordan and Egypt, nuclear power plans have existed for some time:
* The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is particularly active – it is at the tender stage for the first nuclear power plant foreseen for 2017. They envisage a fleet of 14 NPPs.
* In Iran, the Bushehr NPP is under construction and expected to come on-line this year. A second plant is envisaged on the same site.
* Turkey plans to build its first NPP in 2016. Proposals exist to build a further 10-12 by 2020.
* Jordan is planning its first NPP by 2013.

There are of course many problems to be expected on the way – not least the international and domestic legal regimes.
The ISNE meeting was excellent, with many interesting presentations (especially from the Jordanian side) on various aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle. It is very interesting to observe a country gearing up for the introduction of nuclear power. There were a number of presentations by young students. These were made with great clarity and confidence and high theoretical level. Their supervisor in many cases was Dr. Saed Dababneh, who seems really dedicated in this task.

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ITRAC-2 training course with Nucleonica – Proceedings

November 18th, 2009

ITRAC-2: 2nd Advanced Training Course on Illicit Trafficking and Radiological Consequences with NUCLEONICA, Karlsruhe, November 4-6th, 2009.

The ITRAC-2, 2nd Advanced Training Course on Illicit Trafficking and Radiological Consequences with NUCLEONICA took place at the Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe, Germany, from the 4-6th November 2009. This was the second course devoted specifically to the use of Nucleonica within the fields of Illicit Trafficking and Radiological Consequences. The course was aimed at persons who provide technical support (measurements, interpreting results, drawing conclusions, making recommendations) for the actions in response to illicit trafficking incidents and radiological events. The participants included physicists, radio-chemists, health physicists, technical experts from national law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities, who may be involved in the assessment of such events.

Guest speakers included Dr. G. P. Lasche from Sandia National Labs., Dr. A. Sharon from NCRN, Dr. R. Arlt (formerly IAEA), Dr. A. Berlizov KINR, Dr. H.- W. Wiese (formerly KIT), Dr. P. Peerani from JRC IPSC, and Dr. J. Kestens from the BfS. ITU speakers included J. Magill, Z. Soti, K. Mayer, M. Wallenius, V. Kleinrath and M. Srncik.

In total, 24 participants from Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia, Turkey together with colleagues from the Institute for Transuranium Elements took part in the course.

The full proceedings are available online at the Nucleonica website.

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