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Discovery of element 112 contested

September 24th, 2009

In a recent paper published in, Marinov et al. contest the discovery of element 112 assigned to GSI Darmstadt (by Hofmann et al.) for work carried from 1996 until 2002. Prof. Marinov and colleagues believe they can refute all the arguments of the Joint Working Party against their results which date back to a paper published in Nature in 1971.
Back in 1971 evidence was obtained for the production of element 112 via secondary reactions in W targets irradiated with 24 GeV protons. About a hundred fission fragments were observed in two Hg sources separated from two W targets. In addition, the masses of the fissioning species were measured and high masses like 272, 288, 308, 315 and 317-318 were observed and consistently interpreted as the atom and four different molecules of element 112 with A = 272-273.
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Visit of Frau Mergen, Mayor of Karlsruhe

September 24th, 2009

On the 18th Sept. 2009, Frau Mergen, Mayor of Karlsruhe, visited ITU. She was accompanied by two colleagues from the Stadt Karlsruhe. The purpose of the visit was to discuss how the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart could be incorporated in marketing concepts for the city of Karlsruhe. Press Release (in German)

JRC Press Release

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Nucleonica presentation at Border Monitoring Working Group

September 24th, 2009

A general presentation on the nuclear security aspects of Nucleonica was made to the 8th Border Monitoring Working Group (BMWG) which took place on 22 – 23 Sept. 2009 at JRC Ispra. The US delegation made a presentation on a “slot machine game” for training front line officers. The IAEA described their e-learnig tool for front line officers.
We need to investigate if such software can be shared and centralised through the JRC’s Nucleonica platform. This would fit in well with the Illicit Trafficking / Nuclear Security Resource in Nucleonica.
It would clearly be desirable to have Nucleonica firmly embedded into Nuclear Security training programs such as EUSECTRA. Currently, Nucleonica is focussed more on scientific applications, but this could be extended to provide materials for the law enforcmeent communities. etc.

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NUCLEONICA team takes part in IAEA research contract meeting

September 24th, 2009

The 2nd Research Coordination Meeting on development and implementation of instruments and methods for detection of unauthorized acts involving nuclear and other radioactive material took place from 31 August – 04 September 2009 at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria.
Experts from eleven countries discussed progress of sixteen different research contracts. All the contract holders work towards the goal of fighting Nuclear Terrorism and Illicit Trafficking. They develop and implement instruments and methods for the detection of unauthorized acts involving nuclear material. About one hundred scientific experts, IAEA staff members and representatives of equipment vendors brought state of the art science and technology to Austria this week.
On behalf of the Nucleonica team, Andrey Berlizov, the developer of the Gamma Spectrum Generator and the EasyMonteCarlo tool, gave a highly appreciated introduction to the Nucleonica portal and the use of these tools for gamma analysts. Experts involved in the Nuclear Security field showed great interest in the Nucleonica applications after the presentation and encouraged further development. ITU-trainee Verena Kleinrath, who is working with Rolf Arlt from the IAEA, gave some additional ideas on how to use the Nucleonica tools in combating Illicit Trafficking.

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